25 4 / 2012

I went to see “Bonsai”, a film from Chile which is a romatic/comedy/drama, which was the the Pacific Archieve Theatre. It was an interesting film, I always like to see international films to get a flavour for other cultures and possible places to visit! I visisted Berkely, home to the famous University for the film fest. It was a typical uni town, I enjoyed some great chinese and also had a look in the local Crossroads shop. I picked up an amazing bag, if the intended recipent does not want it I will totally keep it. It’s a black and white large faux snake skin bag and is very classy in my humble oppnion. I also managed to find some green space and take a little rest before the film, as the weather was not bad either!

Check out the link to the film festival: http://festival.sffs.org/