25 4 / 2012

I went to see “Bonsai”, a film from Chile which is a romatic/comedy/drama, which was the the Pacific Archieve Theatre. It was an interesting film, I always like to see international films to get a flavour for other cultures and possible places to visit! I visisted Berkely, home to the famous University for the film fest. It was a typical uni town, I enjoyed some great chinese and also had a look in the local Crossroads shop. I picked up an amazing bag, if the intended recipent does not want it I will totally keep it. It’s a black and white large faux snake skin bag and is very classy in my humble oppnion. I also managed to find some green space and take a little rest before the film, as the weather was not bad either!

Check out the link to the film festival: http://festival.sffs.org/

22 4 / 2012

It is the chance meetings that happen to you, that can sometimes all the difference. I had a layin on Friday morning and went for a late breakfast at Startbucks. I ran into a woman and we struck up a conversation and as they say the rest is history!

It was another gloriously sunny day. We went to meet her friend near Market and Church and had a really great Mexican lunch. Since I had not been to Haight Ashbury and I was close my new friends gave me directions and I had a really great shopping experience.

I was introduced to Crossroads, another great shop for recycled desiger clothers. Check out the link: http://crossroadstrading.com/

Haight Ashbury is just as they describe it in the guide books a very free spirited place and the kind of place to expect the unexpected! It was great to stroll in the neighbourhood and to do a little shopping.

A total bonus was the discovery of Buena Vista Park on Haight Street. It is a really beautiful park with spectacular views of the city. It was really breath taking up there and if the weather holds, I have to do a second visit. Check out the link: http://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/buena-vista-park-san-francisco

As it was a totally free flowing day yesterday, I was not armed with my camera! As there would have been so many great photos to take. All in all it has to have been one of the best days yet.

I am off the Golden Gate Bridge today, with the camera and hopefully Muir Woods if we can find our way there!