09 3 / 2013

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03 2 / 2013

Layover Adventure aims to take the pain out of layovers by connecting you with other travellers and helping you plan an awesome layover.

Top Layover Tips

1 Short Layovers (up to 2 hours): Always tell a flight attendant if you have a tight connection as they can make the other destination aware.

Medium Lenght Layovers (up to 5 hours): As much as I may be tempted to venture into the city, make sure you have the time for this.

3 Long Layovers (6 hours plus): Look up the airport amenitites for your airport (before you travel!), you may be surprised to find they have some great facilities or shops.

Layover Holidays (1-3 days): If you decided to enjoy a bonus holiday with a brief visit to anonther city, then check out tourist deals and activities. Check these stopover packages out for inspiration: Iceland, Malayasia, Singapore & Thailand

5 Layover Shopping (Using the layover to get a unique gift): So you need a gift for a birthday, friend or party. Check out the airport shops in advance and see if you can find an awesome gift and perhaps enjoy the benefit of duty free!

Budget layovers (sleeping at the airport, prepare for this in your packing & check airport amenitites!): If you know you are on a budget and may have to sleep at the airport, be prepared with something to amuse you with, bring something that could be used as a blanket, plan a wifi budget, bring a travel pillow, make a new friend and perhaps enjoy a drink or two at the airport bar!

Please visit us at beta.mylayoveradventure.com or Layover Adventure/Facebook and find out more about enjoying a happy layover. Join the conversation and let us know how we can help with your layover?


23 12 / 2012

What an awesome year it has been for Layover Adventure! Thank you for your support, encouragement and engagment. The idea that layovers don’t have to be painful! That you can re-claim your layover and do the things that you enjoy when travelling, meet new people, share layover tips, access travel deals and be inspired by other travellers. It may have not taken off yet! Lol! We know it will in the future with your help.


I shared the crazy idea of making layovers a more happy experience, on my trip to San Francisco in April and got some positive feedback about the idea!


I started my Facebook Page in March in anticpation of my trip to San Francisco.

Check out our Facebook Page here: Layover Adventure

 June - I went in search of a travel adventure to prove what an interesting experience a layover could be. I planned to trip to Finland to attend Beach Boost Finland 2012, stopping over in Oslo (for a day), Norway enroute! :)


I had a lot of fun at Beach Boost, made friends and was inpsired to move forward with my startup idea!


August - I went on a Layover Adventure (short-break of up to three days) to Paris. I shared my survival tips with you everyone. :) 


September - We had great fun and produced a wonderful promotional film about enjoying a Layover in London. Thank you to all involved in the production of the film.

Click here for Layover Adventure Film. The making of the promo film! :)


October - we launched the Layover Adventure website and a fun time was had by all at our launch event. Thanks to the really great guys at Platterform that hosted us at Sky Market.


December - we tried to launch a DIY Meetup Group and I failed, but I have a great time at Winter Wonderland, the first meetup outing! :)


It has been a really great year, with many travel adventures, meeting new people and inspiration to continue this crazy idea that layovers can be a happy experience! I will be back next year, to share more travel experiences, adventures and layover tips. Please do get in touch and let me know how I can make your layover experience a happy one!

Don’t be shy, please message me via the Layover Advenuture Facebook Page or email me at layoveradventure@hotmail.co.uk. If you are stopping over in London especially, drop me a line and I would be happy to help you have an awesome London layover!

Happy Holidays! Wishing you safe journey’s over the holiday period. Hoping to inspire some of your travel experiences in 2013! :)


Founder, Layover Adventure

26 11 / 2012

I am speaking at the Layover Adventure website at the EYP end of year party. EYP is a young professionals network. Join us to make new connections, learn more about the website and enjoy a complimentary drink. Tickets are £10 and the dress code is smart.

16 11 / 2012

Welcome to the first informal Layover Adventure meetup. We want to meet our fans, talk travel and have some fun. Join us! :)

More on Winter Wonderland: http://bit.ly/SQFtbq


Founder, Layover Adventure

03 11 / 2012

Layover Adventure Amsterdam, some random photos. I would recomend a three day adventure, one day was not enough! May even do the Amsterdam Marathon in October! :)

23 9 / 2012

A London Layover Adventure!

This a video that shows what can be achieved on a Layover Adventure. A Layover Adventure is an extended layover (stopover) or short-break of up to three days. Everyone’s adventure is unique and personal to them. We just want to inspire new travel experiences, help you make new connections and let you learn from fellow travellers.

13 9 / 2012

What might a Layover Adventure traveller profile be like?

Eyes should NOT read below the line, TOP SECRET ONLY!


Layover Adventure 006 Traveller Profile

Name: 006

Where are you laying over (stopping over)? Estonia

Where is your final destination? Finland

What kind of Layover Adventure do you want? (choose from the options) foodie & romantic

What kind of traveller are you? I love to discover different cultures through food. I enjoy tasting my way through different countries and meeting people that enjoy fine wines! 

My Travel Dates: London 15-10-12 - Estonia - 16-10-12 - Finland 18-10-12

Trips 1 Travel Points 10 (1 trip=10 points!)

Meet Me! (send me an internal message if you want to meet me on my travels!)


Layover Adventure Forum

Where is the best place to get a cheap authentic bite in Estonia?

It’s a secret, turn right at the castle, walk under the bridge, go up the side street and knock three times on the Red Door.

Response posted by 007


End Transmission.

08 9 / 2012

Get Layover Adventure in the Dictionary!

"A Layover Adventure is an extended layover (stopover) or a short-break of up to three days".

Where you use the community to crowdsource great activities you’ll love, connect with new people and be inspired to have an adventure!

Make this your word of the day, week or year and share this post! :) Many hands make light work we can make this happen with your help! :)

Ekua, Layover Adventure Founder

02 9 / 2012

The Making of The Layover Adventure Promotional Film.

With huge thanks to Cam,Hugh & Siobhan.

Layover Adventure promotional film coming soon! Check the Facebook Page for it’s arrival!

Layover Adventure

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